NPS Public Furniture Corp. is marking the products identified on this website pursuant to 35 U.S.C. Ā§
287(a) by associating each identified product with one or more patents that cover that product.


800 Series Folding Chair
Bedrock Mobile Table with benches
US D926,482 S
8200 Series Melody Music Chair
Bedrock Mobile Table with Stools
US D926,481 S
Swerve Mobile Table with benches
US D926,484 S
Swerve Mobile Table with Stools
US D926,483 S
Max Seating Folding Table
US 11,297,939 B2
US 2022/0087408 A1
Robo Dividiers
US D945,781 S
US 2022/0106787 A1


Round Mobile Table with Benches
Round Mobile Table with Stools
Round Mobile Table with Combo seating
Personal Lab Table with Wood frame
Personal Lab Table with Steel Frame
Zed lectern
Titan Table
Titan Stool
Conductors Stand
Conductors Podium
ErgoMax Stool